IMBELEKO                         FOUNDATION

Imbeleko envisions to provide a holistic empowerment experience to the orphaned and vulnerable child in rural Valley of a 1000 Hills; encompassing academic support, a healthy lifestyle and social interaction. We hope to nurture at least 1000 DREAMS in the Valley of 1000 Hills by 2025.


Imbeleko Foundation exists to give love and hope to young orphaned and vulnerable children. It ensures that they realise their impossible dreams which would have been deemed impossible due to their families’ poverty related issues including HIV / AIDS that result in dysfunctions that erodes academic assistance, psycho-socio development, guidance and mentorship from these children.


Imbeleko Foundation identifies children from local schools that we have partnered with and provides holistic Educational Support and Scholarship programmes based on individualized assessments. Our Programmes has moved great strides in the fight against new HIV / AIDS infection in youth between the ages of 14 and 25 on the basis of Empowement through Education as an incentive..


IMBELEKO's vision is to nurture at least 1000 DREAMS in the Valley of 1000 Hills.

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