IMBELEKO                         FOUNDATION

Imbeleko envisions to provide a holistic empowerment experience to the orphaned and vulnerable child in rural Valley of a 1000 Hills; encompassing academic support, a healthy lifestyle and social interaction. We hope to nurture at least 1000 DREAMS in the Valley of 1000 Hills by 2025.



The projects below play a major role is supporting our beneficiaries in our Core Programmes to ensure that the assistance we provide them is holistic in its nature.




The Board members and Friends of Imbeleko are playing an active mentorship role in giving the learners the support and skills they need. Our Saturday Classes, Winter School and Spring Break Programme include a Personal Development and Mentorship Component, which we are planning to develop further once we have necessary resources in place.




All children are screened for TB and counselled for HIV testing. The Programme ensures prevention and proper treatment of any illnesses as well as psycho-social and medical support.




Most of the children are raised by unemployed relatives /older siblings and are receiving government grants, which are not always sufficient for their wellbeing. We therefore provide them with extra supplies such as food parcels and clothing, when necessary.




We currently only offer the children physical training sessions and Saturday Soccer Clinics since Imbeleko Foundation currently does not have any recreational or sporting facilities. We are working towards establishing a proper Sports Programme including a Soccer League for both boys and girls in the near future, once we have the Infrastructure in place.





To assist orphaned and vulnerable children with homework and school projects. Our ASK Programme is structured as follows:

• Grade 5 to 7 English (Reading and Speaking) in partnership with Neema Foundation - 100 children

in 4 schools

• Personal Development Programme (packaged specifically for Grade 5 to 7) in partnership with Zoe Life -

100 children in 4 schools

• Saturday Classes

- Grade 8 to 9 English (Reading and Speaking) in partnership with Neema Foundation - 50 children in 5 schools - Grade 10 - 12 Maths, Science and Accounting Tutorials in partnership with Moses Kotane Institute and

Enactus UKZN - 75 children in 5 schools

• Holiday Programme (Winter School, Spring Break and Summer Camp) in partnership with Zoe Life - Grade 8 to 12 - 125 children from 5 local high schools - 30 children from our Scholarship Programme enrolled in 3 Historic Schools


All our Programmes are tutored by ICS volunteers, mostly from Europe. They live in community with host families, which makes them accessible to the children even outside the Programme, for guidance and mentorship.




When children lose their parents and there is no sufficient income for the household, children sometimes drop out of school to support their younger siblings or simply can’t afford school fees anymore. Educational development is key to poverty alleviation and it is critical to support these children in paying their school fees, providing uniforms and stationery. Imbeleko has different concepts to provide Education according to the needs of the children.


The Boarding School Programme is one option that provides for A learners who have gone through the IMBELEKO Afterschool Programme. It provides them with better high school education than they would ordinarily get. This Programme is dependent on sponsorship commitments from donors. We currently have 30 children enrolled in 3 Historic Schools

The University Programme provides scholarships for A players from our Boarding School and High School Programme.


We currently have 10 students enrolled in various universities throughout the country. These learners have a responsibility to be part of the Mentorship and Personal Development Programme as mentors and tutors during the holidays.




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