IMBELEKO                         FOUNDATION

Imbeleko envisions to provide a holistic empowerment experience to the orphaned and vulnerable child in rural Valley of a 1000 Hills; encompassing academic support, a healthy lifestyle and social interaction. We hope to nurture at least 1000 DREAMS in the Valley of 1000 Hills by 2025.



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The organisation is based in Qadi Nyuswa, Botha’s Hill in the Valley of a Thousand Hills; where Seni, its Founder was born and raised by parents who both worked in Community Development and Health. She grew up with great support from a community of women (her mother's friends and colleagues as well as her Medical Doctor mentor), which inspired her to give back and mentor young children with huge academic potential. As a physician; living with brain cancer helped her to understand the challenges faced by parents who were diagnosed with terminal illnesses and the fears they faced about leaving their children behind; more especially in poor rural communities


Inspired by her own "humble beginnings", Seni's vision was further motivated by seeing the burden that orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Qadi Nyuswa and surrounding communities had to carry – the hardship of living in poverty without parental guidance due to the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic


The name of the organisation is derived from IMBELEKO, a Zulu word for a cloth that is used by African mothers to carry babies on their backs. Imbeleko provides warmth and allows the babies to hear the sound of their mother's heartbeat when they lay their heads against their mother's backs It also allows the babies to be exercised by their mother's movement and this strengthens the muscles and skeletal structure.


This is the very purpose of IMBELEKO Foundation - to give love, care, warmth and hope to orphaned and vulnerable children. Whilst Imbeleko is a holistic organisation; it is very education centric. Seni believed that by providing such children with a strong education foundation; you would have set them up for a much brighter future.

The Dr Seni Myeni-Offiah's



Dr Seni Myeni-Offiah, best known as Seni to those close to her; was a South African Medical Doctor who lived and worked as a Physician in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada. She was diagnosed with a Grade IV Gliobastoma Multiforme (a very aggressive brain tumor) in November 2003 after collapsing whilst consulting with a patient. Despite her poor prognosis and being given less than 6 months to live, she made it her purpose to:

recount her experiences - to give hope into the lives of those living with GBM to give HOPE to orphaned and vulnerable children who either had terminal illnesses or whose parent(s) lost their lives to any form of terminal illness.


She ultimately lost her battle to brain cancer in November 2006 (3 years after being diagnosed). Every evening in those 3 years, she recounted her memorable life experiences with her twin sister and relayed a detailed vision for her Foundation.


At the end of her journey of life, she was blind and unable to walk but her spirit for her legacy to live on through her Foundation continued to shine through her words.

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